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Top ranked executive level brand builder & marketing advisor. I have over 2 decades of experience across multiple areas of Brand, Shopper, and Social Media experience.

I started my career in CPG brand marketing leading large billion-dollar brands where I delivered breakthrough marketing strategies that led to strong business results. My training comes from Top marketing and Global Blue Chip companies, like Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Kraft Heinz and Diageo just to name a few.

My unique blend of marketing skills has given me a deep understanding of consumer and shopper mindsets. That has ultimately helped me to understand key brand gaps. I continue to help many brands to build their identity and navigate thru our current market to be more consumer centric.

You can follow me on Tik Tok @renaevaldes, where I create daily content to inspire my audience thru trends, marketing tips and creative polls.

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What I do

I was born to help solve complex business problems and I do so by providing breakthrough marketing strategies and digital storytelling. I reside in the San Francisco Bay area, where I currently help brands, startups, and companies shape their profile & digital identity.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves and help build your social/digital footprint! From strategy, to access to media, radio and podcasts. I offer a full-service of various go-to-solutions for thinking outside the box.

Some key services that I provide are the following:

  1. Brand Development & Positioning
  2. Social Content Strategy + Creation
  3. Social Platform + Community Management
  4. Digital Media Buying- Access to Social, Radio, Podcasts
  5. Competitive Landscape & Sales Strategies


Prepare to add brand marketing to your resume.

Learn from real-world examples to embrace tomorrow’s ideas.

Renae loves to come up with new ideas in this disruptive, digital era in which we live. So come to class with an open mind and 1,000 ideas!


Sofia Peliciari (Student from Brazil): 
“Renae’s extensive expertise was the most valuable part of the Strategic Brand Management program. The real-life examples and activities she brought to class helped me to better understand the concepts of Branding. Also, she taught me how to develop, comprehend, and leverage my own unique Personal Brand.”

Cynthia Douaiher (Student from Lebanon)
“Thank you for the amazing opportunity to create connections in class through your unique assignments and the push to understand what I want myself. It made me see that a lot of people are going through the things I am going through and that I’m not alone. This is one of the most powerful things to know when you’re actually out there alone trying to make it! Thanks for being a comfort in a time of turmoil.”

“Renae proudly supports the Naturally Bay area and provides support to smaller CPG Natural Food brands in helping them to advance with new digital marketing tactics” 2020 Grand Prize Pitch Slam Winner-Naturally Bay area


Companies I proudly work with


Want to learn the do’s and dont’s of marketing? Then listen in for all of my brand marketing confessions. I will share my 20+ years of real world experience working with top global brands.

Listen up and I will help you Rise up as a person, brand or company!

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